You can read all you like about what bathroom look is in right now. You can ogle pinterest boards and social media for days and drown in a quagmire of the fashionista’s freakishly beautiful bathrooms. But finding the right look for you really begins with… well, you. Sometimes all you need is to be reminded of what is out there and you just feel what is the right look for you. What makes you smile. What look makes the workday tension flow out of you.

Here are three bathroom…I’m going to call them ‘impressions’… that inspire me. Maybe they will remind you of that little something that you’re looking for in your next bathroom reno.


Let’s face it, some of us love the feeling of being in the buff in the open air. While this may not always be practical (or legal), fortunately there are plenty of ways we can renovate our bathrooms to give us an exposed atmosphere.

Let there be light – get your vitamin D fix with skylights, large windows, or even open air roofs when climate permits. Including big mirrors will create the illusion of space and will help bounce natural light around. If you can’t get access to raw light in your bathroom renovation, then one solution is electrical. Installing recessed light fixtures or behind mirrors will give you an indirect, broad wash of light of the outdoors.

Raw Ingredients – natural stones and timber grains help bring the outside in. Turn your bathroom into any landscape you choose by selecting the right natural elements: cobbles stone carry you to a creek bed, cedar sends you through Japanese forests, jute, hemp and linen materials whisk us beyond the waves.

Grow baby grow – nothing takes us back to nature than standing under flowing water with the tickle of fern on your arm, or watching light filter through green leaves. Adding a bit (or a lot – why not?) of leafy love is easy with windows that look out onto established gardens, or filling pots with bathroom- thriving plants.


But maybe you live for bathrobe moments, wrapped in luxe cotton terry, blinking city lights peeping at you through a black sky. Or stand alone baths with ocean views and sunlight geometry angling of white tiled walls. So how can your next bathroom renovation reflect the hotel hype of the high rollers?

Make it Marble-ous –  Nothing says decadence like marble. Make it white and light and accent it with elegant fixtures – think black tapware over free standing basins. While marble will raise the budget of your bathroom renovation there are lovable look-a-like tiles that won’t break the bank.

Soak it up – Yup. Hotel it up with a big ol’ tub. The classic, granite stand alone bathtub marries the home-from-work timespace with the luxury of a modern mineral spring resort. While renovations on a budget might not chime with the idea you can still get that room service feel by having a plumber install larger shower head. Choose one with rain and waterfall options.

Stimulate the senses – it’s all about the essential oils and decadent soaps and pampering shamps. Make it day spa worthy with exotic spices coupled with the freshness of Morrocan mint.



When it comes to planning and building a new bathroom, we often get caught up in the style. But technology is an oft forgotten element in bathroom renovations. So if you like to have your every move anticipated then consider these futuristic improvements in bathroom design.

Alexa, dim the lights – These days we usually have a squad of virtual assistants in our pockets ready and willing to do our bidding. If you are tech progressive then including these little superheroes in your home renovation may change your life. Think voice-control lighting and music that enables you to delicately control the mood of your bathroom. If you are not so tech savvy your mind is probably blowing.

But this is just the beginning. Now imagine having your own custom settings for things like water pressure and temp, underfloor and even toilet seat heating. Personalised health and beauty tips, weather advice, even…. oh yes…self cleaning toilets.

If it’s what you’re into, then include it your next bathroom upgrade. Contact Right Solutions Trade for more expert advice on renovation, plumbing and electrical work on the Central Coast, Newcastle and surrounding suburbs. Or, you could always go back to the Pinterest drawing board.