Electrical installations are a crucial aspect of any property. We need electricity to increase the comfort levels in our homes, to operate appliances and devices and for hot water, lighting, and more. Within office spaces, too, electricity, data cabling, etc. is required for day-to-day working. In short, it’s almost impossible to imagine modern-day living without electricity. It’s why you need the services of an Blacksmiths electrician who would be able to handle all your electrical installations, upgrades, repairs, and replacements. And that’s where we at Right Solution Electricians come into the picture.

The Professional Blacksmiths Electrician

Right Solution Electricians is a leading company in this industry with over 60 years of combined industry and customer service experience. We handle all types of electrical works for residential and commercial clients, and our skills are second to none. No matter what your electrical requirements are, we are the company that can handle it all.

Its little surprise then that we have built a solid base in and around Blacksmiths and clients here trust only us for all their big and small electrical needs. Our reliable, skilled and licensed electricians are on call to provide you with prompt and efficient electrical services when you need them.

Variety Of Blacksmiths Electrician Services

We are committed to offering our clients the best value, and every aspect of your electrical installation, replacement or upgrade project will be handled to industry standards. We never falter on providing our clients with the best and right solution the first time around. Our company has the skill, ability and resources to tackle all types of electrician Blacksmiths services including:

  • Emergency Services
  • Powerpoints & Switchboards
  • Surge Protection
  • Safety Switches
  • Wiring / Re-Wiring
  • Lighting, Fans & Exhausts
  • Smoke Alarms



Energy-Efficient Electrical Solutions

People are becoming increasingly conscious of saving dollars on their energy costs while being more responsible about the environment. Over the years, we have worked very consistently with clients and helped develop energy-efficient electrical systems for their properties. Also, we handle pre-purchase electrical inspections and safety audits for our customers.

Fault Detection

If your property is old, you might face issues with your electrical installations, more often than not. While you know that something isn’t right, you might not be able to finger on it and how the problem can be fixed. We at Right Solution Electricians are knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of electrical works.

Our electrician will diagnose and fix all electrical faults that exist on your property. Some of these faults may be relatively simple, while others might be more complicated. Regardless of where the problem lies and how complex it is, we are the expert electrician Blacksmiths that will handle the job to industry standards. Never neglect or defer electrical faults as that can lead to electrical fires and electrocution.

Small Job Electrician

Many potential clients call us to ask whether we handle small jobs on residential properties- yes we do. As mentioned, we believe in offering our clients value, and if that means handling small tasks around their homes like moving a switch or replacing light bulbs, we are more than happy to help. So, do not hesitate to call Right Solution Electricians for these odd jobs. We do these as happily as we do any other complex electrical tasks such as full-house re-wiring and electrical renovations. We will send over a skilled and licensed Blacksmiths electrician to tackle these small jobs for you.

Appliance Repairs & Installs

Right Solution Electricians is passionate about handling all types of electrical works. In addition to all other jobs, we also install stoves, cooktops, and ovens. Our Blacksmiths electrician team can repair faulty home appliances. Whether you need these appliances repaired, maintained, replaced or new ones installed, we will be at your home at a time convenient to you and handle the job. We can fix these appliances cheaper and quicker than appliance repair specialists, and that means you get value for money when you hire us.

PowerPoint Installation Blacksmiths Experts

Whether it’s dealing with extension cords all over the room, or overloading a single point, installing a new PowerPoint is a great way to improve the useability and the safety of your dwelling. Right Solution Electricians are experts in safely installing extra points so you can feel confident in your power supply.

Cabling Experts

Rewiring or need new cable points in your building? We are experienced and confident in our ability to safely and quickly re-wire or lay down new cabling for any of your electrical or digital needs so that your home stays safe and stays connected.

Ceiling Fan Installation Experts

A ceiling fan installation is an important thing to get right the first time. Nothing more annoying than a fan that swings around under its own equilibrium! Not to mention nerve-wracking. Our electricians Blacksmiths install ceiling fans quickly and properly so that you can rest assured that your fan is securely in place.

Air Conditioner Installation Experts

Air conditioning units can be tricky and awkward to install. It’s also important to get it right for health and safety reasons! Here at Right Solution Electricians, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done quickly and properly, so you can get to enjoy the comfort of a climate-controlled room sooner.

Emergency Electrician Blacksmiths Experts

Electricity is just as convenient as it is dangerous. Emergency situations do occur in both residential and commercial sites, and it’s important to get a professional onsite as soon as possible when it occurs. Right Solution Electricians have workers located all over the Blacksmiths so that when we get the call, you’ll have an experienced professional there quickly to help and find the best solution for your situation.

Switchboard Installation Blacksmiths

No more getting out the torchlight, raincoat, and gumboots in the middle of a storm late at night! We install switchboards in convenient and discreet positions on the building so that you can have full control easily and safely of your building electrical input.

Smoke Detector Installation Experts

Fire prevention and response is a must in every building. Smoke detectors are often the first point of defense when it comes to domestic and commercial fires. It’s important for both your safety and to avoid council fines to have the correct amount of smoke detectors installed at the correct positions.

Lighting Installation Experts

Whether it’s for safety or style, the right lighting solution is important in every building. Right Solution Electricians are experienced in lighting installation in style and safety. Needs. Whether it’s adding new lights to an existing space or creating a brand-new network for a new building, we’re here to help.

Electrical Contractor Experts

Working on a brand-new building? Or maybe a granny flat out the back of your property? When it comes to laying down the cables to get your building humming, look no further than our professional Blacksmiths electricians. As an experienced Electrical Contractor, you can trust us to think of all the little details so that it’s done right and done safely.

Mains Installation Experts

Not only are we qualified at electrical contracting, but we can also get you hooked up to the mains as well! Mains Installation is something only fully qualified professionals are allowed to do; we have specialists that can take the power into the new structure, make all the ground-level connections, and put the switch at the perfect height on your wall! Look no further for all of your electrical needs.

Work With Expert And Licensed Electrician Blacksmiths

We have excellent knowledge about the different types of electrical fixtures, fittings, and products and our experts will provide you with all the information you need about these. Our Blacksmiths electricians ensure the entire electrical installations are planned correctly and all the components installed as per code.

We also provide completion certificates for the jobs we handle. We can work with you on everything from lighting, automation, and data cabling, to heating and cooling, entertainment systems, security and living aides and more.
When you need any electrical job done, this is something we keep in view at all times. We manage all types of commercial fit-out projects that include:

  • Lighting and general
  • Data cabling
  • Building facility maintenance
  • Emergency & Exit Lights
  • Electrical Shopfitting
  • Power Upgrades & Three Phase

Contact Us

The electrician Blacksmiths team that we send out to your commercial establishment will make sure that they tackle the job quickly, efficiently, and safely. We use the best quality components and fixtures and ensure that the impact on your commercial space is minimal.

For more information, call Right Solution Electricians at 1300 964 063 or connect with us through this Contact Us form.