Electrician Services During Covid-19

In a time of social distancing orders, you will have to be very careful in letting an Electrician Central Coast into your home. While tradespeople like electricians are allowed to provide their services to homeowners, you have to be careful how and when you should allow them to work on your property. If you have an electrical emergency in your home, you cannot wait. It is also a kind of problem that you cannot attempt to handle on your own through remote guidance.

Can you hire an electrician for your house during Covid-19? Yes, you can. But make sure to follow these tips to keep your family safe from the virus.


Ask the Electrician Newcastle company what precautions they are taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  These are some of the more important questions you should be asking them:

  • Have any of your crew members experienced the symptoms within the past 2 weeks?
  • What steps are you taking to assess your electrician’s health?
  • What are your policies regarding technician gear, gloves, masks, hand washing, and eye protection?
  • What steps are you taking to sanitize your service vehicles, equipment, and supplies?
  • What accommodations are you expecting from clients?
  • Do you allow contactless payment?


Make sure that the company is working to the latest government guidelines. They must conduct a comprehensive health and safety risk assessment for the tasks. They should also brief their team on the risk assessment. Repair work should be carried out at a house only if there is an electrical safety or security risk that cannot be managed anyway else.


Ask the electrician company if their technicians will be wearing PPE while working in your home. They should at least wear masks, gloves, protective footwear, and visors if they will be working within 6 feet of another person. Avoid touching any PPE or other items that any tradespeople may use when working in your home. Make sure that all the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using soap and water after they have left.


You should also take steps on your part to create a more conducive space for electricians to work on your property. Prevent transmission from touching shared surfaces by clearing a path ahead of time.

  • Create a clear path to the area
  • Make sure all the doors are open so that they will not have to touch doorknobs
  • Find points you don’t want to be touched and cover them

Covering things up can help reduce the surfaces that you will have to clean later on.

Even if they may not ask for it, you can provide an Electrician Newcastle access to a sink, water, soap, paper towels, and plastic bags.  Let them wash their hands and clean the space after they are done. It is also recommended to leave the area where they are working. You can take walk or spend the time in your yard. So follow these tips if you need to hire an electrician during this pandemic.