Blocked Drains- What do I need to know? How much is it going to cost to fix?

Blocked drains are one of the most common problematic plumbing occurrences in Australian homes. Blockages can occur unexpectedly and can cause a great deal of damage to your home. If left untreated, drains can overflow with water and/or raw sewerage inside and outside your home!


The pipes can become blocked or damaged by any number of the following causes:

Hair– hair is a big culprit for drain blockages! The loose hair combines with sticky substances like shampoo and forms a blockage in the drain. To prevent this, install guards over your drains to catch the hair, and remove any hair from the shower / sink / bath when exiting.

Tree roots– minuscule cracks in underground pipes attract tree roots! Once the roots have infiltrated the pipes, they grow bigger and badder, blocking water and causing havoc for your home. Removing tree roots can be complex. We use a powerful water-jet to clear tree roots!

Toilet paper- Using too much toilet paper can result in a clogged drain! Use less toilet paper each visit to the bathroom and your toilet will continue to operate in an orderly fashion.

Grease build up- Believe it or not, soaps and lotions are made from grease or fat. The minerals in water react with this grease and create a residue you probably know as soap scum. This is the stuff you can sometimes see on your shower screen, tiles or bathtub. Pressure cleaning your pipes can help treat this.

Ladies Personal Hygiene products being flushed-The warnings are there, and everyone knows not to do it but for some reason, some people ignore the advice given by professionals. Feminine hygiene products are NOT flushable. The products swell up and clog together. Also, it’s worth noting that some ‘Flushable Wipes’ are not in fact flushable. Some of these wipes don’t actually dissolve!

Children’s toys-It may seem silly, but we see it all the time. Kids are always looking for new and exciting places to hide their toys, and unfortunately the toilet is often a fun and expensive (for Mum and Dad) place to leave their play things.


Just like solicitors, doctors, architects, and accountants, plumbers have large overheads. Vehicles, equipment, training and stock, and their hourly rate is necessary to cover these costs.


A high-pressure water jetter: More on this later, but high-pressure hoses are excellent for a number of purposes from removing tree roots to clearing soap scum.

A CCTV camera: Plumbers use CCTV cameras allowing them to see what’s inside the pipes and pinpoint the location of the blockage. Once the problem has been identified, the plumber can normally unblock the drain using the appropriate equipment.

Plumbers tools: Our jobs would be a little hard to do without all our tools. There’s more to plumbing then hitting a toilet with a plunger. We have years of training and experiencing and are well equipped to handle whatever plumbing commotion you have for us.

Vehicle: We cover a huge area in our business from the Central Coast to Newcastle and everything in between. Our vehicles need to be well equipped to travel big distances to service our clients.

Stock: We need to have products on hand to do our job. Things from pipes to washers, it’s helpful to have some basic stock on hand.


As mentioned earlier on, our Plumbers use powerful water-jet devices that use high pressure water to unblock drains. Benefits of Jetting Technology include:

– The Water-Jets are 3 x faster and more efficient than previous technology!

– Removes hardened scale and disperses grease

– It can break down debris and wash it away

– Rotating heads can clean the entire diameter of the drain.

The water-jet technologies can even clear tree roots! The jetter decimates roots and blasts them down the drain! Tree roots may have damaged your drainage pipes, so you may need to have some sections of the pipes replaced.


Flat rate pricing: We provide you with peace of mind! Our plumber will complete the work for a fixed cost, so if the project takes longer than anticipated, we bear the cost and not you! There’s nothing worse than unexpected costs appearing when you’re trying to renovate or fix your home.

Time and Materials pricing: The exact cost won’t be determined until the job is finished, meaning the risk is borne by the customer.

Be sure to prevent blocked drains as much as possible by keeping hair out, and regularly rinsing soap scum. If you notice blocked drains occurring, be sure to contact a professional plumber quickly to get on-top of the issue so it doesn’t cause damage to your home.