5 Simple Style Tips to Remember Before Building your Pergola

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5 Simple Style Tips To Remember Before Building Your Pergola 

Say farewell to the winter blues because sunny days and blue skies are here to stay. It’s time to embrace calm and airy pergolas right in the warmth of your outdoor deck space. Pergola and deck builders can add depth and appeal to your backyard or garden by designing and constructing pergolas. 

Treasure cozy afternoons, and bring a pleasant ambience far and wide. Either hire pergola builders who can give you a hint of style and elegance to your outdoor space or use these simple to work on your own.

Whether it’s about finding solace from sun rays or enjoying a nice cup of tea with family and friends, these ideas will surely come in handy to cheer up your outdoor living space.   

Here are 5 valuable tips to spruce up your pergola building designs:


  • Go green, pick the right plants

Potted plants, when placed inside of a deck or around the pergola, bring a cool and lively feel to the outdoor settings. You can put them in the hanging baskets and wrap them around the beam of the pergola with a chain. You can also hook them up on the rafter. Begonias, Fuchsia, Camellias, and Petunias are a few of the many colourful flower species which brighten up pergolas by tossing a splash of colour and sweet odour in the air.  Likewise, you can also imbed climbing plants to enjoy partial sunlight and make your pergola look aesthetically appealing to the eye. 

If you are already working with a professional, ask your pergola builders to work with soil evaluation before incorporating them into your pergola structure.


  • Get energy-efficient lights

Whether you choose to warm up your deck with a string of fiesta lights or sleek and contemporary lighting styles, it will define the overall mood and character of the space. If you choose to dine al fresco, go for non-glare subtle strings of small festoon bulbs. If you have designed a cosy sitting place, wrap up strings of fairy lights on the nearby trees, pergola posts, or rafters on the roof. 

To add on a chic statement, place LED “meltless” candles just beside the couch or pergola footings. 

To stay safe, consult a professional deck builder in picking energy-efficient and waterproof lights to avoid any sparks or electric shocks.


  • Privacy with Curtains

To incorporate privacy and soften the look, separate pergola from outdoor deck space by drooping elegant sheer curtains. 

Sheer curtains bring a luxurious and refreshing feel to the outdoor living experience. Outdoor curtains allow ample light and air to pass through. You can go with pale, pastel, or neutral tones to keep crawlies at bay. Neutral tones also go along with all kinds of interior accessories. Curtains or drapes are also helpful in giving harsh sunlight or chilly wind protection inside the pergola.

For more curtain options, your pergola builders can help with choosing colour tones and outdoor fabric suitable for your pergolas.


  • Hang cosy swinging chairs

To enjoy some leisure time in your outdoor space, this summer, style your pergola with some swinging garden chairs. Make sure your pergolas are strong enough to hold porch chairs and hammocks.

You can also hang a swinging egg chair to embrace a snippet of lone time with a good read and a cup of tea. A hammock is another way of relaxing in those warm afternoons, hook it up right beneath the comfy shelter of the pergola. Hang the hammock in any direction to enjoy the cool gentle summer breeze. To make it look more appealing to the eye, try positioning it diagonally, inside your pergola. 


  • Add a zing to it with comfy seating

If you want to add a boho style to your pergola, ginger up your deck space with some wide or curved outdoor wicker sectionals. Wicker style is sturdy, comfortable and classy, all at the same time. You can pair up the built-in seats with a set of ottomans and a glass top wicker coffee table at the center. 

To give a little modern twist to the furniture, you can sprawl a lightweight summer throw blanket and artfully place botanical print cushions on the seats.  

Consult professional pergola builders for choosing all-weather quality seating to protect it from rain or water damage. 


Looking for builders to adjust pergola building structures, or refurbish your deck space with contemporary designs? Call Right Trade Solutions today!

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